Please don't think I'm self-centered. As a child I had six sisters and as a woman I had six children.  I never minded sharing whatever I had.  Well, to quote Gilbert & Sullivan, "hardly ever."

Just for once, it's fun to be the center of attention.
Born in 1894 to a wealthy Peruvian landowner, I was seduced at an early age, disowned and forced to leave my father's plantation.  Twice widowed with three children by age 21, I braved a British blockade and German U-boats off the coast of South America in my quest for security and happiness.  I lived a life of drama and hardship from the Andes to San Francisco, but I never gave up and I never stopped loving.
   Fear of impending death often impels people to divulge secrets they have guarded for many years.  Thus it was that one night, sick and frightened, I confided the story of my youth to my daughter, who at age 95, passed the story on to my granddaughter as she sat by her hospital bed for two days.  The story had many gaps, all of which the author, my granddaughter, filled with fiction.

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